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Real Estate Law

The regulatory regime for real estate in India is complex and evolving. The different parties involved in real estate such as property developers, financiers, landlords, buyers, sellers, tenants, and government bodies need to manage real estate matters such that their strategic objectives are fulfilled and at the same time, they are on the right side of the law.

Our Strengths

We have an in-house expert team with experience in residential and commercial real estate matters. We handle legal matters for property developers and financiers in phases of construction and advice on land property regulations. We are capable of managing legal requirements related to the establishment of co-operative societies, hotels, and commercial complexes. Our team also manages legal services for commercial real estate transactions.

Areas of Expertise

We have experience of representing buyers, sellers, financiers, government bodies, tenants, etc. to fulfil their requirements. This vast area of practice has allowed us to build deep insight into the real estate sector. We can, therefore, design effective and practical legal solutions for a range of transactions. We have the expertise and experience to

  • Draft and register purchase deeds, Power of Attorney agreements and sale contracts for different types of properties.
  • Manage financing and refinancing for property transactions.
  • Manage loans, intercreditor agreements and loan related issues such as enforcement, foreclosure and lender liability.
  • Outline and finalize agreements between multiple parties for the management of commercial complexes such as resorts, hotels, and shopping centers.
  • Deal with disputes between landlords and tenants; eviction claims; and property tax issues.