Other Laws

Civil and Commercial Litigation

The Civil Law consists of regulations and legislations that help in resolving the various non-criminal disputes and disagreements. Cases are resolved by providing fair compensation to victims.
India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world which means there is an abundance of commercial activity. Individuals and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising and trade have to follow the rules and regulations imposed by the Commercial Law.
When there are disputes or differences, people turn to the court. Litigation can get time-consuming, costly and inconvenient. We have seasoned lawyers who can represent our clients in courts and tribunals with an approach of providing solutions that are cost-effective, practical and conclusive.

Our Strengths

We understand that the impact of litigation is significant. We, therefore, devise strategies such that litigation is avoided. We provide counsel and advice such that the client can take the best course of action that protects their interests. We try to contain lawsuits by arbitration and settlement tactics. But sometimes litigation is unavoidable and in such cases, we have seasoned lawyers who can represent our clients in courts and tribunals such as

  • Supreme Court
  • High Court
  • District Court
  • National Company Law Tribunal
  • National Company Law Appellate Tribunal

Our lawyers are ably supported by experts from the financial sector and the social sector.

Areas of Expertise

Civil Litigation

We understand the sensitivity and complexity of litigation in civil matters and use prudence and practicality while devising solutions. Our lawyers have an extraordinary command of handling civil disputes in the areas of entertainment, family matters, society-related issues, and education.

Commercial Litigation

  • We counsel clients on ways to reduce the risk of litigation in corporate and commercial transactions.
  • We are proficient in drafting, negotiating and finalizing relevant documents required for appearances in courts and tribunals.
  • We cover a wide range of commercial disputes such as business issues, shareholder disputes, director liability, breach of contract, breach of warranty and unfair competition.