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Contracts, Business Licenses and Agreements

Running a business is a challenging activity. You have to research the market, assess competitors, manufacture products/services, manage customers, hire employees, manage finances, etc. Additionally, you have to comply with legislation governing the business. Apart from this, you have to register contracts, get licenses and permits, and enter into agreements so that you adhere to the rule of law, take advantage of benefits offered and mitigate risks related to fines, unfair practices, work stoppage, lawsuits, etc.

Our Strengths

We understand that entering into contracts, drafting agreements and acquiring licenses and permits are tedious and time-consuming activities. They shift your focus from core business activities. We have a team of specialists who can file for and acquire the relevant business licenses and permits for your business. Our team can get your business registered with the appropriate documentation within defined timelines and affordable costs.
IntellexEmpire is the one-stop solution for drafting, submitting and vetting all kinds of business contracts and acquiring licenses and permits needed to start a new business in India.

Areas of Expertise

  • Draft and finalize commercial contracts for IPR licensing, non-IPR licensing, IPR and non-IPR assignment, third-party service, technology transfer, and confidentiality.
  • Create contracts for Vendor relations, Joint ventures, and Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Draft policies like Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Return and Refund Policy
  • Create employment agreements, termination agreements, non-compete contracts, and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Conduct proper research on the licenses and permits that apply to your business. Manage documentation and process and follow-ups required for licensing and permit acquisition.
  • Vetting/review of legal documents to highlight mistakes or omissions and ensure that legal and commercial interests of clients are protected.
  • Negotiations with other parties on behalf of clients regarding provisions of contracts and agreements.
  • Counsel, advice, and litigation when the client is a victim of a breach of contract or when there are lawsuits against clients for compensation claims due to non-conformance to contract/ agreement.