About IntellexEmpire

Organisation Profile:
IntellexEmpire is a multi-facet value driven law firm primarily practicing in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) law. We offer a wide range of Techno-Legal solutions in IPR law with a constructive and focused techno-legal approach. We aim to work with our clients with a focus on their strategic business objectives. Professionalism, integrity, and cost optimization are ingrained in every solution that we deliver to the client. We also offer best legal solutions in other branches of laws with deep understanding of law for delivering genuine and efficient output to the client.

IntellexEmpire has strong local and international affiliations with law firms and with firms having relevant specialized expertise so that we can provide access to the best legal minds and technical experts to our clients. With our extensive worldwide network of associates, we can take charge of cases related to national and international IP filing, trans-border litigation, global financial transactions, etc.

Our Clients

Our clients belong to various sectors of commerce and industry. We provide unmatched service to clients from various sectors such as Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Biomedical Devices, Food industry, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Textile and Garment Industry, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication, Nanotechnology, Software/IT, etc.
We offer techno-legal solutions to start-ups, SMEs, MNCs and Academic Institutions. We also cater to individual inventors, students, farmers in such a manner that they achieve their objectives in a cost-effective manner. We offer prompt and result-oriented solutions and therefore are trusted by clients.