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Information Technology (IT) Law

The business scope for ITS and BPO firms has expanded rapidly and continues to do so. There are unique challenges in the IT and BPO industry due to the global presence of companies, intangible assets, knowledge management, information, and pace of change. Moreover, the regulations for all industries concerning information technology is evolving across countries. So a firm in India can have an impact due to changes in IT regulations in Europe where its clients or offices may be located.

Our Strengths

We provide advice and support in legal solutions and litigation matters by combining our expertise, research capabilities, and practical experience. We help you overcome challenges related to data protection, investment structures, transfer pricing, and other industry-related issues.

Areas of Expertise

We have a multi-disciplined team that is substantially experienced and highly capable to manage the following matters -

  • Data Privacy and Data Security Evaluation
  • Investigation, response, and notification in cases of data breach, hacking, and cybercrimes.
  • Vendor and Business Partner Contracts
  • Tax favourable investments in India and transfer pricing instruments
  • Advice on compliance with employment laws, labour laws, etc. in relation to the IT and BPO sector
  • Drafting and negotiating of transfer agreements, privacy policies, disclaimers, software licenses, software distribution agreements, telemarketing agreements, technology transfer agreements, and other outsourcing agreements
  • Carrying out due diligence of companies in the BPO and IT sector for investors who would require financial and strategic insights.