Other Laws

Labour and Employment Law

Human resources are key to any organization. The labour and employment laws are drafted and implemented so that employees are protected and at the same time, employers are able to conduct business in a conducive environment. The regulations of the labour and employment laws cover working conditions, terms of employment, remuneration and industrial relations.

Our Strengths

Our lawyers are proficient in advising clients on various legislations that have to be complied with by companies to do business in India.
We have experience in representing the interests of numerous kinds of organizations like ILO start-ups, private companies, firms, and public companies.
We aim to safeguard the business interests of our clients such that they are financially protected, their reputation is intact and they manage their employees effectively and in a fair manner.

Areas of Expertise

Advice and Counsel

We provide expert advice and counsel our clients on labour issues, HR issues, employment contracts, termination policies, retirement policies, non-compete clauses, and compliance with employment laws.

Documentation and Registration

We are well-versed in documentation. We can draft templates for offer letters, appointment letters, termination letters, employment contracts, other employment agreements, and personnel policies.
We can assist you in registering under the Factories Act, 1948, Shops & Establishment Act, 1953, Principal Employer under Contract Labour, etc. as applicable.


Our team consists of lawyers who specialize in litigation strategy and support in matters such as workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, labour disputes, and restrictive covenants.