IPR Law -
Intellectual Property Rights


In a competitive market, businesses need to build a unique brand identity and protect it. This is done through trademarks. A trademark is a sign, a slogan, a logo or a combination of words and images. It can even be a particular sound or smell that provides brand or product recognition. Some of the features of a good trademark are -

  • Different from existing trademarks in the same business
  • Neither simplistic nor overly complicated
  • Assurance of a level of quality expected from the product or service
  • Non-deceptive

Our Strength

Our legal professionals and in-house experts advise clients across the whole spectrum of trademark rights and related rights -

  • Identify names, monikers or logos such that they make for unique trademarks to prevent potential disputes.
  • Monitor for trademarks so that similar trademarks are not registered.
  • Register trademarks as enforcing unregistered trademarks can be difficult and time-consuming.
  • Prosecute trademark applications that are detrimental to our clients' interests.
  • Defend clients' trademarks.

Areas of Expertise

Trademark Searching and Analysis:

Search and verify if the proposed trademark is available to be registered. Analyze if there are similar marks already registered as trademarks to avoid future legal conflicts.

Trademark Filing and Prosecution
It involves -

  • Domestic and international Trademark Filing
  • Amendments, Corrections, and Renewals
  • Response to Office Actions

Trademark Enforcement and Litigation and Trademark Infringement/litigation

Manage legal proceedings for defending trademarks and opposing trademark applications that are similar to clients' trademarks. Provide litigation services for infringement or violation of clients' rights related to trademark registration. We can also handle pre-litigation disputes to enforce your rights and develop risk management strategies for trademarks.