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Industrial Design (ID)

Industrial Design (ID) protection is another fundamental area of Intellectual Property Rights Law. In India, the objective of this law is to strike a balance between the protection of registered designs and the promotion of design activity.
Here, Industrial design of an item refers to the combination of lines, contours and/or shape that make up its outer appearance. It can also include colour, texture, materials and/or its surface decoration. From a commercial point of view, it can be thought of as the visual impact a product makes on the consumer.
Industrial Design protection is important as design enables the consumer to recognize and choose a product on the basis of aesthetics over other similar items on the market. Design, therefore, has a significant impact on the success of a product. Industrial design protection is available to industrial products, handicrafts, technical apparatus, medical instruments, watches and jewellery, houseware, electrical appliances, automotive products, etc.

Our Strengths

  • An adept team that will optimize the scope of design protection
  • Provision of value-based services to register your designs
  • Sound legal and technical advice for design enforcement and prudent guidance on requests for re-examination and counterclaims from third parties with respect to client's application for design registration
  • Judicious approach to combine the protection of Industrial Designs (ID) along with Patents and/or Trademarks

Areas of Expertise

Industrial Design Searches and Analysis

Search, analyze, and verify if the design is available to be registered to avoid commercial and legal risk of infringement on existing designs.

Design Drafting and Filing

  • Manage essential requirements for design registration.
  • Take care of technical documentation, legal document drafts and related procedures for drafting and filing for design registration

Design Enforcement:

  • Negotiations with third parties when there is infringement of clients' design for clients' best interests.
  • Prosecution of parties in court if they have infringed upon or misused clients' designs.
  • Devise suitable litigation strategies and alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or mediation such that design enforcement is done in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

Response to Office Actions, Legal disputes, and Renewals

  • Our team is experienced in matters such as renewal and cancellation of design registration.
  • We provide valuable opinions and the best course of action to determine if registration of design is commercially and legally viable and to manage counterclaims.
  • We offer assistance in handling requests for re-examination of design and adverse reports during re-examination
  • We can provide litigation services to represent clients to defend against legal notices and claims of design infringement and court notifications or actions during the filing or registration of the design.