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Plant Variety and Farmers' Rights

The Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Right Act, 2001 (PPVFR Act) protects plant varieties, rights of farmers and plant breeders. It also aims to encourage the development and cultivation of new plant varieties.

What is a plant variety?
Plant variety is a legal term. It is a grouping of plants within a botanical term of the lowest known rank (except micro-organisms). It can be of any of the following types-

  • Typical Variety
  • Hybrid Variety
  • Transgenic Variety

For a plant to qualify for registration under the act, it has to be judged as one of these -

  • New Variety
  • Extant variety
  • Essentially derived variety and
  • Farmers' variety

Our Strengths

Our competent team understands the subject and can manage various aspects such as managing registration & protection of clients' legal rights and handling disputes, defamation, and unfair competing claims.

Areas of Expertise

  • Filing for registration of plant variety with necessary documentation like declaration, affidavit and related data on plant variety
  • Renewal of registration based on plant variety
  • Enforcement of clients' rights in their registered plant varieties
  • Provision of expert assistance to clients in research and optimum commercialization of registered plant varieties
  • Expert advisory and professional consultation regarding the deposit of plant varieties in National Gene Bank, seeking clearance from Plant Variety Registry, manage disputes, oppose plant varieties that are copies of clients' assets